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How To Become A Virtual Assistant: The Ultimate Guide

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What Is A Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants help business owners with remote administrative and technical support. Because of the benefits, it provides to both employees and employers, virtual assistance is a rapidly growing career field. Employers can save time and money by hiring virtual assistants instead of full-time employees or doing the work themselves. And virtual assistants appreciate the flexibility and independence that comes with remote freelance work, which frequently provides opportunities for entry-level employees.

How to become a virtual assistant

What Does A Virtual Assistant Do?

A virtual assistant is an employee that acts as a personal assistant to help you with your daily tasks. They are a great way to save time and money, while still being able to work from home. Here at StaffingSolutions.io, we have many virtual assistants available for hire. A virtual assistant helps with a variety of tasks, including online research, document preparation, email management, and scheduling. They may also be able to provide customer support, translation services, and more.

7 Steps To Becoming A Virtual Assistant

If you are interested in beginning a career or having a side job as a virtual assistant, try these steps to get started:

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1. Identify Your Skills

The first step in becoming a virtual assistant is determining your strongest skills. A resume that emphasizes your administrative skills will demonstrate to employers that you are qualified for the job, even if you have little experience. The following are the most common skills required of a virtual assistant:

a. Computer Knowledge

Virtual assistants carry out their duties using a variety of computer programs. They must be familiar with the internet, email inbox management, and cloud-based communication tools such as file sharing, password managers, and teleconferencing. It is also necessary to be able to create documents, files, and spreadsheets.

b. Communication

Virtual assistants must have excellent verbal and written communication skills in order to contact clients, receive client assignments, and perform a variety of duties such as customer service and record keeping.

c. Editorial Abilities

Virtual assistants should have strong editorial abilities because it is critical to submitting written work that is free of typos and grammatical errors. They should also be able to conduct light research and type documents.

Virtual assistants must be adept at organizing their own tasks and managing their own time in addition to assisting clients in managing their time by overseeing calendars, schedules, and appointments and performing organizational tasks for clients. As a virtual assistant, you may accept jobs from multiple clients at the same time and be expected to complete them all effectively and on time.


2. Decide What Services You’ll Offer And Your Pricing Structure

You can better target potential clients and earn jobs if you know what tasks you can and are willing to perform ahead of time. You should determine your fees in addition to identifying your services. Some virtual assistants charge hourly, daily, or weekly rates, whereas others are paid by the task.

How to become a virtual assistant

3. Obtain Any Necessary Equipment

Choosing the services you’ll provide will also help you decide what kind of equipment you’ll need to provide those services. Some virtual assistants may only need a laptop and a cell phone, but depending on the nature of your work and the number of tasks you accept, you may require additional computers, monitors, or phones. A headset, dedicated landlines, and a machine for printing, copying, and scanning are all common pieces of equipment for a virtual assistant. Every virtual assistant requires a stable internet connection.

4. Search For Jobs

Begin your virtual assistant career by obtaining clients. Accepting small, low-paying jobs may be necessary at first to gain experience and positive feedback. You can also look for job openings through your professional network or search for job listings online.

5. Build A Portfolio

As you gain virtual assistant experience, solicit feedback from your clients and compile a portfolio of customer reviews and examples of your work. By showcasing your skills, creating this portfolio will most likely help you gain more clients and better-paying jobs.

6. Promote Yourself

Success as a virtual assistant depends on your ability to sell your services. Make yourself visible online by using social media and professional profiles. You can create your own website to show potential clients your portfolio and skills. Focus on developing relationships and networking as you continue to gain employment.

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How Much Does A Virtual Assistant Make?

The national average for virtual assistants is $15 per hour, with starting salaries ranging from $7.25 to $37.50 dollars per hour. Building a consistent clientele and specializing in niche services can help virtual assistants increase their income and earning potential.

Work Environment For Virtual Assistants

To work as a virtual assistant, you’ll need a dedicated home office, just like any other remote job. You may also need a printer, copier/scanner, landline, and fax machine, in addition to a computer with a high-speed Internet connection.

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Where To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

You can find virtual assistant jobs in the same way you would any other job. Look for open positions on job boards like Indeed, FlexJobs, or Remote.co. Make use of your connections. You can also look up companies that employ virtual assistants and contact them directly. FlexJobs has put together a list that you can use as a starting point.

You can also take the initiative and offer your services as a freelance virtual assistant through money-making apps such as Upwork and Fiverr. You’ll typically create a profile, select your ideal rate, and submit a proposal to prospective clients using these platforms.

There are also amazing companies that hire amazing virtual assistants and will help find the best employers for them, like StaffingSolutions.io. They provide amazing services for everyone who needs remote employees from anywhere around the globe.

You can also start your own virtual assistant company. But keep in mind that you’ll have to do all of the legwork yourself, from selecting a business model to finding clients.

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