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Healthcare Assistants: 13 Benefits of Hiring a Medical Virtual Assistant

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What Is a Medical Virtual Assistant?

A medical virtual assistant is a trained, remote professional who can provide administrative and clinical support to healthcare providers, such as scheduling appointments, processing medical billing and coding, managing medical records, and other office tasks. A VA can help you save time and money by taking on routine tasks and freeing up your time to focus on providing quality care.

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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Medical VA?

The use of a medical virtual assistant can benefit healthcare providers several ways. First off, MVAs offer a financially viable option for administrative duties, freeing up time and resources that can be better spent on patient care. By providing prompt responses and reminders, they also enhance patient care by ensuring that patients get the time and care they require.

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1. Reduction of workload and stress

Hiring a medical Virtual Assistant (VA) can help reduce workload and stress for medical professionals, healthcare providers, and practitioners in the healthcare industry in Canada and the United States. By taking on administrative tasks that do not require medical training, such as in-room EMR documentation and other back-office duties, medical VAs can help to lighten the load, freeing up more time for medical professionals to focus on their patients. This can lead to improved workflow, saving time, and a reduction in staffing costs, creating a more efficient practice. In addition, by removing the burden of these routine tasks, medical professionals can spend less time worrying about them, allowing for better rest and reducing the likelihood of taking sick days.

2. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Hiring a medical VA can significantly increase efficiency and productivity, as they can take on many back-office tasks and documentation that would otherwise take up the time of in-office employees. With the help of a medical VA, practices can save money on payroll costs, reduce overhead costs, and free up their in-office staff to focus on more essential tasks. In addition, the flexibility and remote work capabilities of a Virtual Assistant also provide greater flexibility and a way to minimize distractions. By right-sourcing their VA service, practices can reduce operational costs by up to 70%. Ultimately, this can lead to an improved workflow and more money saved.

3. Ability to Focus on Clients and Tasks That Require Expertise

Hiring a medical VA can help focus on clients and tasks that require expertise by enabling physicians and their teams to spend more time with their patients and focus on their core activities. With a virtual assistant handling administrative tasks, physicians can prioritize clinic visits and referrals, follow physician orders and office protocols, and take patient information without taking time away from more essential tasks.

4. Access to Skilled Resources at a Reasonable Cost

Hiring a medical VA helps to access skilled resources at a reasonable cost as VA.care offers experienced medical professionals at the industry’s lowest rates of $6/hour. This eliminates the need to spend money on the costs associated with in-office employees, such as recruitment and training, which can be quite expensive. Furthermore, with the same VA attending to your practice every day, you can be sure of efficient and consistent work from them. Additionally, with virtual assistants, you do not need to worry about investing in infrastructure or benefits for the employee. This makes them an attractive option for healthcare professionals who want to reduce their staffing costs and create a more efficient practice.

5. Improved Accuracy and Quality of Work

Hiring a medical virtual assistant (VA) can improve the accuracy and quality of work by reducing staffing costs and creating a more efficient practice. With the use of Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records systems as well as internet cloud-based applications, hybrid teams can be put together with both on-site and virtual assistants that can quickly adapt to seasonal variations as well as business growth.

6. Increased Client Satisfaction

Hiring a medical virtual assistant (VA) can significantly increase client satisfaction by allowing healthcare professionals to spend more quality time with their patients. This extra time can be used to think more critically and thoroughly about their needs, providing a higher quality of care. The VA can take care of administrative tasks and complex procedures, leaving healthcare professionals to focus on their core competencies. Having a consistent VA they can work with day to day also ensures that patient care is delivered consistently and reliably.

7. Increased Efficiency of Workflows and Processes

Hiring a medical VA can help to increase the efficiency of workflows and processes by providing an experienced and knowledgeable professional who can easily integrate into existing systems and provide a wide range of administrative tasks. This can reduce the cost of in-office employees and associated costs, while also enabling teams to quickly adapt to seasonal fluctuations and business growth. With a medical VA, there is also the added benefit of reduced overhead costs, no expensive lease or equipment costs, and reduced payroll costs. This can lead to increased productivity, as team members can focus on their strengths, and also minimize distractions and wasted time on operational tasks.

8. Improved Security and Compliance

Hiring a medical VA can improve security and compliance by providing access to HIPAA compliance training, regular refresher courses, systems checks, and monthly tips and tricks. Additionally, hybrid teams that use light-speed data to accomplish clinical support tasks more economically and accurately while maintaining HIPAA privacy and security compliance can be quickly scaled up or down depending on business needs. This helps to protect patient security and privacy while also reducing costs associated with in-office employees and the associated costs of hiring.

9. Increased Access to Information and Knowledge

Hiring a medical Virtual Assistant (VA) can help increase access to information and knowledge by streamlining medical information management processes. This allows for more efficient workflow, increased productivity, and greater financial savings. Ultimately, by hiring a medical VA, healthcare organizations can access greater amounts of information and knowledge in a more secure, cost-effective manner.

10. Improved Communication and Interaction with Clients

Hiring a medical Virtual Assistant (VA) can improve communication and interaction with clients by bridging the communication gap between patients and practice to provide correspondence in the patient’s language of choice. This enhances the patient experience and can attract more patients from different demographics. The VA can help with patient benefit verification and pre-authorization to mitigate the risk of surprise bills and penalties. They can also collaborate with patients to establish suitable plans for big-bill treatments, helping to provide a better service. In addition, the VA can provide live chat support and appointment-setting solutions, as well as communicate with the patient on their channel of choice, ensuring the language barrier is broken down.

11. Cost-effective solution for administrative tasks

MVAs have a range of administrative functions they may carry out remotely, which can help healthcare facilities cut back on overhead expenditures. Companies operate on an as-needed basis, so rather than hiring full-time workers, providers simply pay for the services they actually need.

12. Customizable services to fit specific needs

MVAs provide services that can be tailored to the unique requirements of healthcare professionals. They can work on a project-by-project basis, offer continuing support, or provide urgent services as needed.

13. 24/7 availability and support

MVAs give assistance and availability around-the-clock, so healthcare providers can use them whenever they choose. For emergencies or for providers who work after usual business hours, this can be especially useful.

What kind of tasks can Virtual Healthcare Assistants do?

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A Medical Virtual Assistant can do a variety of tasks to help medical practitioners and their patients. These tasks include but are not limited to, scheduling appointments, processing medical billing and coding, performing general office admin tasks, managing medical records, insurance verification and authorization, patient data entry and database management, and prescription refills. They can also act as a patient coordinator or administrative assistants in their job role. VMAs can also provide informational materials on issues such as flu shots and immunizations, as well as take and record patient histories and vital signs. They can help keep medical records, prepare office correspondence, prepare examination rooms and patients, and complete insurance billing and coding.

Patient Coordinator

  • Active involvement in maintaining relationships with patients- in person and online.
  • Detailed focus on patient benefit verification and pre-authorization mitigate the risk of surprise bills and penalties.
  • Collaborate with patients to establish suitable plans for big-bill treatments.

Medical Triage Specialists

  • VAs prioritize appointments for those in fast need of medical care, reschedule appointments, help with prescription refills, and answer lab-test-related queries.
  • Registered nurse VAs can provide telehealth services.
  • VAs save time by answering queries that do not need the medical provider’s specific attention.
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Front Desk Administrator

  • VAs answer calls, respond to emails, texts and manage provider’s schedule
  • All calls are transcribed, monitored, and quality-controlled behind the scenes. Detailed reporting is provided frequently.
  • Help with new patient onboarding. Includes document management, such as filling documents under patient charts in the EMR system.
  • Managing social media marketing, and email campaigns. Request online reviews and respond to all comments and queries.

Medical Scribe

  • VAs collect vital patient information meticulously before the consultation
  • No dictation is required. VAs capture the information live during the consultation
  • Reduce the time you spend updating charts by handing the responsibility to VA
  • No more policing for medical providers.
  • VAs are monitored from the back end with on-demand reports provided on their performance

Challenges and Considerations When Hiring a Medical Virtual Assistant

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While working with a medical virtual assistant (MVA) has numerous advantages, some difficulties and factors should be taken into mind. As MVAs have access to private patient data, compliance with HIPAA requirements is a major concern. To safeguard patient privacy, security, and secrecy must be guaranteed. Although MVAs must be conversant with the tools and procedures used by the healthcare practitioner, training and integration into current systems and workflows can be difficult. Finally, while dealing with an Individual from a different region or nation, certain linguistic and cultural difficulties may appear. Before using an MVA, providers should carefully assess these issues and work to solve them.

Compliance with HIPAA regulations

Healthcare providers are required by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements to maintain the confidentiality and security of patient information. It’s crucial to check that an MVA has received training in HIPAA compliance and is familiar with the rules before hiring them.

Security and confidentiality of patient information

It’s crucial to make sure MVAs have sufficient security measures in place to safeguard sensitive patient information because they may have access to it. This can include regular backups, secure data storage, and encryption.

Training and integration into existing systems and workflows

It’s crucial to check that an MVA has received the appropriate training on the unique systems and workflows utilized by the healthcare facility before hiring them. This can assist guarantee that the MVA can easily fit into current workflows and processes.

Potential language and cultural barriers

MVAs might be found in several nations or areas, which might result in linguistic and cultural hurdles. A good awareness of the culture and traditions, as well as fluency in the healthcare provider’s language, are essential for the MVA. This can help prevent misunderstandings and guarantee that activities are executed correctly and effectively.

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Q: Is it practical to hire a virtual medical assistant?

Yes, it is very practical to hire a virtual medical assistant. By using a virtual assistant, you can save time and money. You can also be more productive because you don’t have to leave your office to meet with a real person.

Q: How much experience does a Virtual Assistant for Medical practice need?

It is important to note that the experience required for medical virtual assistants (VA) will depend on the specific role they are being hired for. An experienced virtual assistant for healthcare services can improve the overall efficiency of the medical practice and help to lighten the workload of the front-end administrative staff. Generally, a VA should have at least a few years of experience in the medical field and be familiar with medical billing and coding, office admin tasks, and managing medical records.

Q: What type of healthcare industry does a Medical Virtual Assistant specialize in?

A Medical Virtual Assistant specializes in the healthcare industry, providing administrative support to medical professionals. They can assist with various tasks, from appointment scheduling and insurance verification to data entry and patient follow-up. They are certified in HIPAA compliance, ensuring patient information is kept private and secure, and their attention to detail is essential for accuracy in medical coding, billing, and other processes. A Medical Virtual Assistant may work in any healthcare profession, from general practice physicians and surgeons to specialists, dentists, veterinarians, psychologists, and more. They can also support an entire healthcare team, making them an invaluable asset to any medical practice.

Q: How can a Medical Virtual Assistant help improve patient care?

A Medical Virtual Assistant (MVA) can help improve patient care by taking on administrative tasks, allowing healthcare professionals to devote more time to patient care. With an MVA providing administrative support remotely, healthcare professionals have more time to focus on diagnosing and treating patients. An MVA can also help with scheduling appointments, handling paperwork, drawing blood, and administering medications, as well as answering phones and providing informational materials.

Q: What are the common practices of a good virtual medical assistant?

A good virtual medical assistant is someone who provides reliable and efficient support to healthcare providers in a virtual setting. Some common practices of a good virtual medical assistant include maintaining clear communication with the provider, keeping accurate records of patient information, scheduling appointments and managing the provider’s calendar, responding promptly to patient inquiries, and ensuring data privacy and security. Ultimately, a good virtual medical assistant helps healthcare providers focus on delivering quality care to their patients by taking care of administrative tasks and streamlining their workflow.

Take the Opportunity to Hire the Best Medical VA Now

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Hiring a Medical Virtual Assistant from StaffingSolutions.io can provide numerous benefits to medical practices, including increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved patient care. With the specialized skills and expertise that Medical VAs possess, they can help alleviate the administrative burden on healthcare providers and ensure that operations run smoothly.

So if you’re looking to streamline your medical practice and provide better care for your patients, consider hiring a Medical VA from StaffingSolutions.io today. Don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more about our staffing services and how we can help you find the perfect VA to meet your specific needs. Take the first step towards a more efficient and effective health practice by contacting us today.

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