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Virtual Assistant Resume: Top Skills Every Client Looks For In A VA

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What Is A Virtual Assistant Resume?

A virtual assistant resume is a document that outlines the skills and experience of someone who provides administrative, secretarial, or other support services remotely. This type of resume can be used by anyone who works remotely, including those who are self-employed or work for a company that allows telecommuting.

When looking at a virtual assistant resume, what do clients want to see in addition to task proficiency and work experience?

The need for virtual assistants grows as more businesses become aware of the benefits of virtual employment for accelerating growth. It pays to be mindful of the fundamental abilities that set the best virtual assistants distinct, whether you are a business trying to expand your virtual team of remote workers or a virtual assistant (VA) looking for remote employment opportunities.

Beyond doing administrative tasks, virtual support has expanded to cover much other expertise. However, clients have a few key criteria they look for in a virtual assistant resume. These abilities can be learned with training or on-the-job experience and are applicable across sectors.

What Should Be Your Virtual Assistant Resume Objective?

Your objective for a virtual assistant resume should be to highlight your skills as a virtual assistant. You should list the main duties you performed for your previous clients, the results you achieved, and the reasons you were hired. You should also include your resume highlights, such as your experience in customer service or project management.

A virtual assistant’s resume objective should be to provide administrative support, usually remotely, to clients who are either too busy or do not have the necessary skills to complete tasks themselves. The objective should also highlight any relevant skills or experience that would make the candidate a good fit for the position.

A virtual assistant resume objective is a short, targeted statement that clearly articulates what you bring to the table and how you can help the company succeed. A great virtual assistant resume objective will mention the specific skills and experience you have that make you the perfect fit for the role.

What Are The Virtual Assistant Resume Objective Examples?

Your resume for a virtual assistant position is a window into the world of work, and it is up to you to ensure that it is fully opened. This flexibility is provided by resume objectives.

The start of anything is the most important part of the process. The same is true for a resume: a resume that begins with a profound statement has an impact. You write resumes to make an impression, and you must be able to leave a lasting impression. Your resume will be ordinary if it does not start well.

When you first start writing a resume, you may be unsure where to begin. This opportunity is perfectly provided by the objective statement. Here are a few examples of resume objectives:

  1. A goal-oriented professional is looking for a position as a virtual assistant with ABC Company. They are eager to handle administrative and clerical work from remote locations to increase profits.
  2. Self-motivated, energetic virtual assistant seeking a challenging position with ABC Company. Providing exceptional administrative support to executives by managing contact lists and customer spreadsheets and organizing calendars.
  3. To provide correct administrative support and customer service to clients, you must have excellent organizational skills, a deep understanding of business procedures and strategies, and exceptional communication skills.
  4. I’m ready to use my experience in bookkeeping, transcriptions, manuscripts, and presentations. Capable of handling general office tasks such as typing, dictation, and spreadsheet management.
  5. Bringing 4+ years of hands-on experience handling inbound information requests and providing tier-one customer support. I am prepared to use my exceptional skills in bookkeeping and scheduling to ensure smooth office procedures.
  6. Top-performing virtual assistant with 5+ years of experience in bookkeeping, correspondence management, and customer service. A distinct ability in email writing and management, as well as newsletter creation. I’m thrilled to be working for ABC Company.
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12 Essential Skills To Make Your Virtual Assistant Resume Stand Out

Due to the epidemic, more previously office-based employees are joining the ranks of virtual assistants and opting for remote work. Whether it’s order fulfillment, data entry, or video editing, it’s critical to highlight your unique skills and specializations to stay ahead of the competition. Remember these points to create the ideal resume that matches the job description. Clients or hiring managers often consider essential “soft” qualities and hard talents to decide whether a VA fits well with its team.

1. Online tools efficiency

No matter what position you’re applying for, an excellent virtual assistant resume must demonstrate proficiency with internet resources. You will regularly utilize various products as a remote worker, including Google Workspace, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and other Office programs, communication apps, and project management software. Your resume has to demonstrate that you have appropriate knowledge of and expertise using these apps because they are essential to virtual work.

You require effective time management skills if you’re a self-employed person who sets your hours and responsibilities. This entails prioritizing tasks according to urgency and importance, setting and adhering to deadlines for tasks and deliverables, and distinguishing between work and personal time. Potential clients want to know that you can handle a variety of obligations without failing at any of them.

2. Organizational expertise

VAs are supposed to be self-sufficient and independent. VAs are still largely left to their devices despite pre-established working conditions. Clients scan your CV for indications that you are meticulous and well-organized and that you can complete jobs without continual supervision. Create a virtual assistant resume sample that demonstrates your organizational abilities.

3. Multi-platform communication prowess

Virtual assistants will use various platforms to communicate with clients and customers. VAs should always be concise and direct, whether reporting through video conference, making cold calls via VoIP, answering a Facebook message, or corresponding via Slack. Without non-verbal clues, a lot might be misinterpreted. Thus, excellent communication skills are necessary.

4. Customer-centric

Beyond only offering first-rate customer service, being customer-focused entails other factors. This ability combines thinking with attitude. It is the propensity to prioritize the interests of your business. Additionally, it involves being prepared to go above and beyond to resolve customer difficulties effectively.

Being customer-centric takes sustained effort. Instead, it is a firm method of dealing with customers and employers. Don’t forget to emphasize your customer-centric approach when writing your resume.

5. Propensity for self-improvement

Tools for managing workflows, making appointments, keeping records, generating leads, conducting market research, tracking projects, and communicating are continually being developed. Businesses must, however, constantly change if they want to remain competitive and relevant. You must be able to adjust to change if you want to be a virtual assistant quickly.

This entails having the capacity to learn new skills, methods, and tactics. It involves a desire for both personal and professional growth. You and your clients gain from being willing to learn new things and having a more productive work style.

6. Proven self-sufficiency

Conventional resumes don’t necessarily prioritize self-sufficiency at the top of the list. But if you want to stand out and land your dream job, you must do more than expected. One method to pull this off is to become self-sufficient.

You will unavoidably be given jobs as a VA that you are unfamiliar with. You may also be required to use equipment and procedures that you are unfamiliar with. As a result, you must possess independent investigation and learning capacity. Being independent allows you to produce high-quality work with no oversight.

7. Flexibility

Businesses can scale up or down as needed with virtual assistance. For instance, a company might employ temporary VAs to help with seasonal sales. They might also cut back on hours during poorer months. The VA needing to wear several hats is an indirect result of this. For instance, a social media VA who manages social media accounts during busier months may assist with customer service chores. Before human resources can hire support workers or an in-house graphic designer, a content writer could take on activities like responding to customer complaints or doing graphic design work.

As a VA, you must be tolerant and adaptable to go above and beyond the call of duty when necessary. Initiative and adaptability are excellent predictors of leadership potential. You become a priceless asset to any prospective employer and the workplace when you can roll with the punches.

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8. Tech savvy

This is yet another need for VAs. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and tools for collaboration and communication, modern businesses need virtual support (like Slack or Skype). It’s as if virtual labor rules have specific requirements for success. For instance, VAs know the value of online collaboration and meeting tools.

Your proficiency with cutting-edge software and technology might greatly increase the value of your services as a virtual assistant. It’s also one method to show clients how valuable they are, particularly if they use cutting-edge technology that many employees aren’t familiar with.

9. Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Thanks to remote work, VAs can communicate with their clients and carry out professional responsibilities from a distance. This implies that VAs must be proficient communicators orally and in writing. With this ability, virtual assistants can communicate with the same level of professionalism as their employers. It also guarantees that you can express ideas and views clearly.

10. Organization and planning skills

Employers can see from this competence that you can efficiently prioritize your tasks and estimate the time needed for each work. It also shows that you can set deadlines, plan a work calendar, schedule speaking engagements, make travel arrangements, and adhere to all project requirements. This increases the legitimacy of their virtual assistant assignments and gives clients more faith in your expertise set.

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11. Pressure-handling capability

Another approach to demonstrate that you can perform well under pressure, especially during busy periods, is to possess this particular virtual assistant expertise. The fact that you have this talent on your VA CV reminds them that they can rely on you even in hard times. Because of this, they can complete more tasks in less time.

12. Ability to handle pressure

Complying well under pressure during busy seasons is another approach to demonstrating this virtual assistant’s competence. Clients take notice of this expertise on your VA resume since it shows you can be relied upon in trying times. Employers admire their VA’s ability to handle pressure since it enables them to accomplish more in a short period.

These are only a few of the most in-demand VA traits. Don’t be afraid to list them on your resume for a virtual assistant if you have any. By doing this, VAs can more effectively highlight their strengths, such as their interpersonal abilities, and show potential employers the value they can add.


What Are Some Tips In Writing A Virtual Assistant Resume?

  1. Customize your experience to your client’s needs; they are seeking VAs to help them streamline their remote working process. You need to be able to consistently meet the needs of your clients to do this. The easiest method to achieve this is by personalizing the purpose of your virtual assistant resume and including a cover letter. You are the ideal virtual assistant in your resume. Keep emphasizing the talents and experience pertinent to the job title and description. Consider yourself an employer since that is who clients will be hiring to help them with their business procedures.
  2. Be specific about your tasks – highlight virtual administrative charges or duties that best illustrate your capabilities as a virtual assistant in your professional resume. The last thing you want clients to think is VAs are all the same. Be specific about your credentials when writing a virtual assistant resume.
  3. Make sure to focus on the employer’s needs while creating your virtual assistant resume to correspond with their specifications, resume format, and cover letter guidance for new team members. By addressing the needs and requirements in the job description, you may make yours stand out the best.
  4. One of the worst things a virtual assistant can do is give potential employers inaccurate information on their virtual assistant’s resume. These will be obvious to employers, and you might not even get the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities as a virtual assistant. Your education section should list all the institutions you attended, the degrees you have obtained, any noteworthy academic achievements, and more. You can also list your primary study topics to make it the best CV.
  5. Be flexible. The virtual workplace is constantly changing, and VAs must be prepared to adjust to any new arrangements or requirements that arise.
  6. Keep your resume for a virtual assistant succinct and to the point; there is more to life than being wordy, particularly if you want to work as a VA. Clients seek someone who can handle difficult work situations. Being clear, short, and to the point will help your resume stand out. Use bullet points to make the education, skills, and work experience sections easier to read.
  7. Don’t forget to provide your contact details; this is the only information clients will require to get in touch with you. The contact information is typically at the top of most virtual assistant resume samples, so hiring managers may quickly notice it.
  8. Remember to review your resume for a virtual assistant; the last thing you want to do is send one with spelling or grammar errors. Employers are searching for candidates who can fulfill their specific requirements, so your CV should demonstrate that you can handle anything from data entry to administrative support to making trip arrangements. Making sure your virtual assistant resume is error-free will help you persuade hiring managers that you are the ideal candidate for the position.
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Do You Need A Cover Letter?

Many virtual assistant positions demand a cover letter from potential candidates. In contrast to a standard resume cover letter, a cover letter differs because you shouldn’t go into detail about your current position. Instead, cover letters go into more detail about your credentials and work history.

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How To Create A Virtual Assistant Resume

1. Collecting data

Start by learning as much as possible about the business or person you are applying to work with. Any job postings, websites, and social media platforms fall under this category. Asking your virtual assistant friends and coworkers for referrals or job leads will be beneficial.

2. Formatting your cover letter for a virtual assistant

It is time to start composing your virtual assistant cover letter after you have completed your research on the position you are applying for. Remember that you should emphasize your experience and skills in virtual administration in your cover letter. The job description guides what you should put in your cover letter.

3. Get opinions

Once you’ve finished writing your virtual assistant cover letter, get input from peers, coworkers, and leads to see what may be changed or improved. Remember to draw attention to the precise abilities and credentials that meet the job description and posting.

4. Send your cover letter for a virtual assistant

Take one last look at your cover letter after perfecting it through editing and revision. You must email your virtual assistant cover letter and resume if you are applying for a position as a virtual assistant with a specific customer or business. Don’t forget to include a professional headshot of yourself if you send it on your own behalf.

You can either include your contact information or put it in the body of the email so that the hiring manager can contact you directly.

What Does A Virtual Assistant Do Every Day?

A virtual assistant helps manage a company’s office by completing tasks such as answering phones, scheduling appointments, and sending email.

A virtual assistant is someone who can assist with tasks from a remote location. As a contractor or self-employed person, you will provide services to clients on a daily basis. Email management, content creation, bookkeeping, graphic design, social media, and other tasks fall into this category.


Why Is It Essential To Make A Good VA Resume?

A good VA resume will demonstrate your skills and experience in managing and providing support to a variety of projects. A well-crafted resume will also highlight your strengths in terms of communication, organization, and problem-solving. Experience managing and providing support to a variety of projects, including developing and implementing strategy, organizing and managing resources, and resolving problems. Excellent communication, organization, and problem-solving skills are also a must.

A resume is not only the first thing that an employer will see when looking at your application but also the first thing they will read. Your resume has a huge impact on whether or not you will get hired, so it is important to make sure it is the best it can be. There are many tips and tricks to writing a great resume, but it is always important to remember that this should be something that you tailor to you and your skills and experience.

Do You Want To Build Your VA Resume Template?

Online, there are a ton of virtual assistant resume samples. However, becoming a VA in demand with clients requires more than keeping an organized record of your academic and professional background.

Include the top abilities above to ensure your virtual assistant resume stands out. Describe specific instances where you were able to use these skills. You’ll discover that doing this makes it simpler for you to market yourself and your services to customers.

These crucial virtual assistant abilities are ones that you can learn and hone on your own. Even better, you can collaborate with a group that will provide you with thorough training and free tools to help you acquire the abilities required to succeed as a virtual assistant. Partnering with a full-service staffing firm like StaffingSolutions.io will help you advance your career more quickly. Contact them now.

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